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Pageant:  April 23, 2023

Get Acquainted Meeting: April 15, 2023 @ 10a.m.

Pageant & Meeting held at Warren Church of Christ (302 N Wayne St)



  1. Each contestant should be sponsored by a local business, club, organization, or individual

  2. Sponsorship fee is $40, due at the time of registration.  Sponsorship is non-refundable.

  3. Checks should be made payable to Kelly Jones.  Other payment options available upon request.

  4. Scroll down to complete entry form, sponsorship and adult signature

  5. Late entries will not be accepted.  Must be submitted by April 1.

  6. Adult Signature allows contestant photos to be published on Facebook and various local newspapers, including, but not limited to:  Warren Weekly and The Huntington Tab.  If photo consent is not permitted, please contact the directors.


  1. Each contestant MUST be 5 years old and cannot have had her 19th birthday as of the date of the 2023 pageant.

  2. Contestants must not be or ever have been married.

  3. Contestants must not have had a child or be knowingly pregnant at the time of the pageant.

  4. Any girl who has previously held the title of Little Miss, Jr. Miss or Miss Warren may not compete in the same category again.

  5. A current queen passing on their crown is not allowed to compete the same year they are crowning their successor.

  6. Contestants do not have to be from Warren BUT must be passionate about our community and be willing to play an active role in community events!

  7. No girl will be turned away.  If you cannot afford to join or can't find a sponsor, reach out and we will help you find a community sponsor.

Areas of Competition

  1. Interview:

    • Each contestant will participate in an interview with a panel of qualified judges.  Length of interview depends on age division.​

    • No controversial questions will be asked.  Questions will be age appropriate.  Judges just want to get to know each contestant!

  2. ​Modeling of Interview Wear​​

    • Modeling done on-stage​

    • Miss contestants should wear professional attire, while younger contestants should wear a nice/church outfit that is ag appropriate.


    • Speech will be given on stage during modeling of interview wear.​

    • Speech is not timed but should be around one minute long

    • Topic:  Why Warren is a good community to live in?

  4. ​Modeling of Hobby Wear​​​

    • Contestants are encouraged to be creative for this portion of competition.​

    • It is optional to perform for up to 30 seconds.  If you will be performing, you must let the directors know prior to pageant day.  (The sooner the better.)

    • Hobby wear can include a sport, dance, school club, FFA, 4-H, baking, etc.  Wear whatever makes you happy, that you enjoy doing.

    • Props are allowed and encouraged.  No live animals.​​

  5. ​Modeling of Formal Wear​​

    • Dress should be age appropriate and modest.​

    • Short or long dresses are acceptable

  6. ​On-Stage Question​

    • Little Miss Contestants will be given their exact question to practice before the pageant.​

    • Jr. Miss Contestants will be given a list of questions to practice and draw one from the list at random on-stage.

    • Miss Warren Contestants will answer a question on-stage, drawn at random.  This question will be asked by the judges.


  1. Queen

    • One Queen will be crowned in each age division.​

    • Queens are awarded a tiara, sash, flower bouquet, cash and various other sponsored prizes.

  2. ​Queen's Court​

    • 1st and 2nd Runner Up will be named in each age division​

    • Runner Ups will be given a tiara along with other prizes.

    • Queen's Court will be invited to participate in activities throughout the year with the Queens.

  3. ​Miss Photogenic​

    • One girl is named Miss Photogenic in each age division.​

    • A photo will be taken of each contestant in the official pageant t-shirt at the Get Acquainted Meeting.  T-Shirt color is Coral.

    • This photo will be judged by the panel of judges and has no influence on other awards.

    • Prize packages is sponsored by a local photographer.

  4. ​People's Choice​

    • Official contestant head​shots will be posted to the "Miss Warren Pageant" Facebook.  Votes are given in the form of Facebook LIKES.

    • Voting will begin a few weeks before the pageant and close the day before the pageant.  Official days and times of voting TBA.

    • Votes received after the posted deadline will not be counted.

    • One winner will be named in EACH division.  A sponsored prize will be given to each winner.

  5. ​Miss Congeniality​

    • Only a Miss Warren Contestant can be awarded Miss Congeniality​

    • Will be voted on by Jr. Miss and Miss contestants prior to formal wear.

    • Judges have no input on who wins this award and has no influence on other awards.

    • Miss Congeniality is a girl who is nice, helpful, and a good friend to others.

Contestant Responsibilities

  1. Contestants are required to attend the Get-Acquainted Meeting on April 15th, unless prior arrangements have been made with the directors.

    • At the Get-Acquainted meeting, contestants must wear their pageant t-shirt for photos.  Shirt may be styled as you wish.​

  2. ​Most importantly, HAVE FUN!​

Queen & Court Responsibilities

  1. Miss Warren Queens are held to a very high standard and are very respected across our community.  Queen should attend as many events as possible, but we understand busy schedules.  Please just be transparent with us!  Queens are also encouraged to participate in other community events, outside of those suggested by directors.

  2. Winners are asked to attend THREE Warren festivals, in addition to other volunteer activities.  These festivals include the Scarecrow Festival, Salamonie Summer Festival, and the Festival of Trees.

  3. Queen will ride in the Salamonie Summer Festival parade and will furnish their own transportation.  We are happy to help find a vehicle if needed.

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